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Practice Patient Engagement, Rights and Responsibilities


Our Practice is committed to providing quality health care.  It is our pledge to provide this care with respect and dignity.  In keeping with this pledge and commitment, we present the following:

You have the right to:

  • Competent, considerate and respectful health care, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or sexual orientation.
  • Information and explanation of your condition and treatment.
  • Confidentiality as relating to all communication and records pertaining to your medical care as per HIPAA.
  • Information about the medical consequences of exercising your right to refuse treatment.
  • Access to your medical record, summary of care, provide corrections as well as all rights as deemed by law.
  • Privacy. Your medical and personal information (protected health information, PHI) will not be shared with any other persons unless explicitly authorized and/or designated by you. (Note: this does not apply to sharing of medical information or PHI as would be necessary to provide medical care to you or considered routine in medical practice, or disclosures otherwise obligated by governing healthcare agencies and laws and/or for billing and accounting purposes).


You are responsible for or agree to:

  • Giving your clinician correct, up-to-date and complete health history information, e.g. allergies, past and present illnesses, hospitalizations and medications, including alternative supplements, i.e. herbal and/or other therapies, or over-the-counter medications you take.  If possible, bring the bottles to your appointment.
  • Providing staff with correct and complete name, address, telephone and emergency contact information each time you see your clinician so we can reach you in the event of a schedule change or to give medical instructions; please provide any existing advance directives and/or MPOA information.
  • Complying with the Practice’s Payment Policy.
  • “Release of Information” in order for the practice to obtain your medical records from other providers.
  • Following your clinician’s advice.  If you refuse treatment or refuse to follow instructions given by your health care clinician, you are responsible for any medical consequences.
  • Keeping your appointments.  If you must cancel your appointment, please call the health center at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Following the office’s rules about patient conduct; for example, there is no smoking in our office, and compliance with any and all other practice policies.


Narcotic Prescribing & Pain Management Policy


This practice does not routinely engage in chronic pain management or prescribing chronic narcotic-based treatments except on a case-by-case basis and for specific disease related conditions, e.g. cancer-related pain. In such situations, prescribing may be done so in collaboration with or referral to a pain specialist, palliative services and/or oncologist. This may also necessitate drug testing for compliance. By accepting narcotic prescriptions in such and all circumstances, the patient is giving full authorization to the practice to monitor and test patient for medicinal compliance and reporting to other state agencies and/or board as deemed necessary.