We offer extensive pre-dating screenings for couples wishing to know each other's statuses prior to engaging in intimate contact.

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Loehmann's Walk-In Clinic Payment Policy For Our Arlingon Patients


We accept most insurance plans. We also have discounted cash-based fees for our patients without insurance coverage. In addition, we offer pre-paid plans for doctor visits for individuals and family (please inquire for more information at 703-846-9555). Our goal is to provide quality medical care for our patients at an affordable rate, with or without insurance.

As a courtesy, we will bill the insurance plan for our patients. However, sometimes we are unable to verify co-pays and deductibles due to insurance office closures on weekends/after hours or online systems being down. In those rare cases, we kindly ask each patient to pay for the visit until we can verify the insurance information. We will promptly refund any amount due to you, minus any copay/deductible according to your policy.

If you are covered by a HMO insurance that requires a referral, you must present the referral at the time of service. If it is after hours and you are unable to obtain one from your Primary Care Provider, we may require that you pay a deposit until one can be secured. Please note, we do not bill as an Urgent Care Clinic, as this results in higher out of pocket expenses for our patients. We bill as general medical physicians which results in lower copays and the ability to access health care without any limitations. If you have a HMO insurance or an open access insurance, you maybe required to pay the specialist copay since the primary care copay is generally reserved for the doctor listed on your card. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.